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We are super proud that just a few months after ditching leather in favour of  a material made from pineapple leaves, the Original Satchel Store has been awarded the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) seal of approval.

Our bags are now made of a vegan material called Pinatex and PeTA completely approves and supports what we are striving to achieve.

There was a report recently in the media which said that racehorses in Australia that don't make the grade are routinely sent to slaughter.

As if that were not appalling enough, on the way to the end of their short lives, many were subject to blows to the head, they are kicked and beaten with poles and given electric shocks.

There are no words to describe that level of cruelty. By any standard of decent behaviour, that is beyond acceptable. 

We will not be part of that. Oh, and just to add, we are not singling out Australia for particular condemnation. This has nothing to to with geography and everything to do with unspeakable cruelty.

Is horse hair used in the fashion industry? Ask Angelina Jolie, she has a $5000 horsehair handbag made by Aleris. This is what the company says about it's use of horsehair:

"Natural, beautiful, refined, ultra-lightweight, animal friendly resilient and traditional – horsehair is an astonishing material. Its color becomes richer and more interesting over time. The ability to create refined horsehair accessories and small leather goods requires masterful artistry."

Not only does it require 'masterful artistry' it also requires that we turn a blind eye to cruelty. Not us.





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