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When you buy one our lovely vegan bags, what difference does it actually make? Does it matter? Does anything really change?

Well, the answer is 'yes'. When you buy a bag from the Original Vegan Satchel Store, changes do happen.

First of all, no animals were slaughtered to provide you with a bag.

Secondly, when we say Vegan we mean plant-based. Many so called 'Vegan' bags contain plastic. The makers have just substituted one unacceptable material, in this case leather, for another - plastic.

Third, and this is the really big change that you make. Every time you buy one of our bags, you are directly supporting pineapple farmers in the Philippines.

These farmers would throw away pineapple leaves as they have no value or use. Now, the farmers sell the leaves to a co-operative. So they have an additional income from material they used to discard. You are making a direct change to a pineapple farmer's life and the lives of their families.


Fourth, if you buy one of our smaller bags it will arrive inside a bag made of recycled newspapers.

These newspaper bags are made by a community in India which looks after children who are sleeping rough in Delhi railway station. Their future would be defined by rickshaw pulling, litter picking, shoe cleaning or much, much worse.

Thanks to the project you support through us, a number of children are rescued from an unbearable life on the streets. A life that most of us couldn't even begin to imagine.

They have safe, secure homes, proper clothing, they go to school and have plenty to eat. They are cared for and loved until they are old enough to rejoin their families or can fend for themselves without risk of exploitation.

In order to sustain its work, the community makes these bags from recycled newspapers. You may even find that the crossword has been attempted!

Together we make a difference, so 'Thank you.' 


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