The Original Satchel Store

“A thing of beauty is a joy, forever its loveliness increases, it will never 
Pass into nothingness…” John Keats

 There is so much we could say about our gorgeous satchels. But to be honest, when you hold one of our satchels for the first time, it says more than we ever could. The care and attention to detail, that we invest into crafting your satchel speaks volumes.

Each satchel is crafted by hand. Each one is unique, no two satchels are ever the same, each one is a work of art and we love creating them.

Our customers are hugely important to us and we want you to be delighted with your purchase. So, however many satchels we create, we will never lose sight of the fact that each customer is an individual and in all our dealings with you we will treat you with courtesy and respect. If you contact us we will reply within twenty four hours and it will be an individual reply.

As soon as we receive your order our leather craftsmen and women set to work making your satchel and we aim to have it on its way to you as quickly as we possibly can. However, just in case something unexpected happens, please allow 21 days for your delivery.

Before it leaves our crafting workshop, every satchel is hand checked. The overall look is assessed, every inch of stitching is reviewed, the buckles and straps are tested. Only when we are completely satisfied that your satchel is as good as we can possibly make it, it is then sent to be hand packed and delivered by overnight courier to you.

Our satchels are made to last for years, even with regular use. But just to give you extra peace of mind, each one comes with a twelve month guarantee. If anything unforeseen does happen, simply return it to us and we will repair or replace it completely free of charge.

We are proud to say that our satchels are lovingly made in England and always will be. English, slightly eccentric but always desirable.

Thank you for being one of our customers.


 Our satchels are not only beautiful, they are crafted to last a lifetime. In an age of almost instant obsolescence, where today’s must have is discarded tomorrow, our satchels, briefcases and other gorgeous leather items will stand the test of time, even the test of generations.

Retro in style and vintage in character our hand-made, all British satchels are crafted by skilled leather artisans who still work with traditional craft tools deep in the heart of the English countryside. No computers, no automation, no assembly-line. Just hand and eye co-ordination, traditional techniques, a love for leather and an instinct for knowing when a leather bag is ‘just perfect.’

That’s why our satchels are in demand the world over. Everywhere in fact where individuals put a premium on fashion that never fades, who understand that tradition and modernity are not in conflict, who know that true style never goes out of style.

Welcome to the world of Original Satchels.


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